How To Bypass The Megavideo Time Limit

The videos that are streaming from Megavideo have a time limit that runs out in less than 1 hour. This is fine when watching a TV show or cartoon, but annoying when watching a full length movie.

There is a simple way around this however...

First, block and clear all cookies from Megavideo. Then, when the movie first begins, just pause it and wait for the entire thing to buffer and load itself onto your computer. It takes about 5 full minutes to fully load, so wait at least that long to be sure you get it or else the movie will keep stopping to buffer while playing, and that's annoying too. Just go make some popcorn while you wait! When ANY video (even on Youtube) streams on your computer it is really just downloading to your temp files folder. So, once it's finished buffering, then push the switch on your modem to turn off your internet connection and go offline.

Now that you have the movie offline Megavideo cannot read your comp for the time limit and you can watch as long as you want!

Just be sure to keep your modem offline and you'll be fine.

Simply do this for each movie you want to watch and you can watch as many as you want. Enjoy and pass the popcorn!!

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